Hydro-Air Pressure Washer
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While D&M is a single line company, the Hydro-Air Pressure Washer has over one-thousand applications in hundreds of markets. Some of the industries that need/use the Hydro-Air Pressure Washer include:

I. Automotive Industry
A. Automotive Garages
B. Paint and Body
C. Rebuilders (transmission, engine)
D. New/Used Car and Truck Dealers
E. Transportation Fleets
F. Government Vehicle Maintenance
G. Car Washers
H. Auto Refinishers
I. Air Conditioning Rebuilders
J. Service and Tire Centers
K. Off-Road and Motor Home Centers
L. Service Stations

Uses: Removes heavy dirt and soil from passenger cars, buses, trucks and off road vehicles---rinses thoroughly after chemically degreasing or washing. Back flushes radiators, engine blocks, etc.

II. Aircraft Industry
A. Service and Maintenance Contractors
B. Airline Maintenance Facilities
C. Aviation and Parts Depots
D. Fixed Based Operators
E. A/C Aircraft Engine and Component Rebuilders

Uses: Cleans motors, parts and air-frame surfaces after presoaking chemicals have been applied. Degreases and brightens all exterior surfaces---coats and applies anti-friction, anti-corrosives, anti-icing and chemicals-exterior surfaces. Cleans interior sections (cabins, bathroom, storage areas, etc.)

III. Food Processors
A. Dairy Products (milk, cheese, etc.)
B. Bakers
C. Canneries
D. Meat Packaging
E. Frozen Foods
F. Dehydrating Plants

Uses: All types of plants processing food of any kind need pressure washers for routine cleaning operations. Pressure washers remove organic material, water soluble soil from machinery, equipment and storage areas, conveyors, mixers and floors.

IV. Agricultural Industry
A. Dairy Clean Up and Disinfectant
B. Farm Machinery
C. Dairy
D. Truck/Tractor Farm Equipment Clean Up
E. Agricultural Insecticides
F. Weeder Spray

Uses: Disinfecting, degreasing, cold water steam cleaning. Spraying fruit trees, grape vines, tomatoes, etc.

V. Construction Industry
A. Cement/Concrete Equipment
B. Plastering Equipment and Finishing Machinery
C. Pre-paint/Clean Up Contractors---Home and Industry---Works especially well on adobe and other porous exteriors and finishes.
D. Floor, Window and Roof Sealer

Uses: Cleans mixers and forms, tools for plaster, cement/concrete. Spray washes walls, walkways/driveways and concrete slabs.

VI. Military
A. Vehicle Maintenance
B. Quarter Master Stores
C. Marine Maintenance
D. Hospital Maintenance
E. Aircraft Maintenance
F. Heavy Equipment Maintenance
G. Mess Hall and Food Handling Clean Up

Uses: Spray cleans, disinfects and protects tile, wood and concrete floors, etc.

VII. Chemical Industry
A. Paint, Varnish
B. Insecticides, Sterilizing and Disinfectant Plants
C. Petroleum (oil)
D. Refineries
E. Pharmaceuticals
F. Batching and Mixing Plants

Uses: Pressure and spray wash. Pressure coat and seal. Chemical air pressure flush, as a stripper. Spray rinses and cleans (degreases).

VIII. Jewelry Industry

Uses: Removes investments from castings. Pressure spray cleans, pressure washes and deburrs.

IX. Tool Industry

X. Hydro-Air Pressure cleans, washes and degreases
Other Specialty Industries that have cut costs by using the Hydro-Air Pressure Washer:

A. Distilling Optical Rubber Mining Equipment
B. Electrical Paper Textile Leather
C. Foundry Public Utilities Tobacco Railroads

The Hydro-Air Pressure Washer connects to cold or hot water supply. Designed to give a wash or rinse in varying degrees of pressure from a fine mist to a powerful blast.

** Recommended Air Pressure for simple cleaning---75 lbs. or more
** When heavier penetrating sprays are needed, use--150-200 lbs.


Made in the U.S.A.