Hydro-Air Pressure Washer
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Model 100: Top Valve Model 200: Trigger
Model 100: Valve. Air valve controls volume of air & pressure. Water shut off and spray pattern regulaor. Air and water hoses connect to the base of the handle. Model 200: Trigger. Air valve trigger controls volume of air & pressure. Water shut off and spray pattern regulaor. Air and water hoses connect to the base of the handle.

To Install:
Connect air inlet to air hose with standard ¼" pipe thread coupling or with a quick coupler, use ½" hose to assure the proper volume of air to the washer, connect water inlet to standard water hose of good quality with standard hose type coupler.

To Operate:
Air valve trigger controls air volume, open water adjustment (tube) with at least two complete turns of tube, for a fine mist close water adjustment to desired spray, the effective force for removing heavy soil is at a distance of 3 feet or less from the surface to be cleaned.

To Service:
Clean the air jet "A" of your Hydro-Air washer periodically, to do this remove both the number 1. large nut and number 2. nozzle tube, and clean out small air outlet through air jet with a piece of wire and reverse compressed air through the jet.

S-31 Siphoning Attachment

With the siphoning unit connected in place of the water line, detergents, degreasers, paint strippers, etc. are entrained in the air stream and will penetrate directly to the surface being treated without prior treatment. Rinsing is quickly accomplished by reconnecting the water line, and the job is finished in only two steps.

  S-31 Siphoning Attachment. Maile Quick Disconnect. Female quick disconnect for clear plastic siphon hose. Femail quick disconnect for garden hose 3/4-inch.

Slip on rubber grips diagram.


Slip-On Rubber Grips

Both models of the Hydro-Air Washer come with slip-on rubber grips to insulate hands during hot water use.

F-41 Flushing Adapter

Rubber adapter fits virtually all automobile radiators and many commercial heat exchangers. Delivers a high-power cleaning force to thoroughly remove rust and scale.

  Flushing adapter diagram.

Air valve and adjustment nozle diagram.


Air Valve Knob

The adjustable air valve knob lets you preset and maintain optimum cleaning force every time.

Adjustment Nozzle

Rotate nozzle to adjust water volume. Nozzle regulates and shuts off water.

Trigger Air Valve

The squeeze-trigger air valve operates through a full range of pressures up to 250 psi. This lets you instantly match the cleaning force to the task.


Air valve and adjustment nozle diagram.


N-21 Nozzle Extension

The nozzle extension set includes a 9" semi-rigid plastic tube or reaching around and under protruding parts when cleaning or degreasing, and a 9" tube with an offset spray tip for use between closely aligned surfaces.

Parts List

1. Large nut with seals
2. Nozzle (tube) with venturi
3. Gun handle with hose washer
4. Air valve assembly (DM 100)
5. Complete rubber seal replacement kit
6. Air trigger valve complete (DM 200)
7. 1 Set rubber handle and nozzle grip

* Complete accessory packages available.


THE HYDRO-AIR uses approx. 3½ cu. ft. of air per minute, varying of course with air pressure uses, and less than 3½ gallons of water per minute with 70 lbs. water pressure.

Air Connection:
Standard ¼´ pipe thread. 3/8" air hose.

Water Connection:
Standard hose thread. For best results use ¾ water pipe and ½" air line. Connect the Hydro-Air washer with 5/8" water hose and 3/8" air host, for best results.

Recommended Air Pressure:
For simple cleaning - 75 lbs. or more. When heavier blasting forces are needed use 150-200 lbs.










































Made in the U.S.A.